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Aqua Park Nessebar

AQUAPARK NESSEBAR - Your greatest summer adventure!

Welcome to the Aquapark "Aqua Paradise", Nessebar! The biggest and the most attractive Aquapark in Bulgaria!

Our name means "Water Paradise" and we are truly one for all lovers of water adventures. Situated on an area of 46 acres, more than 40 attractions and facilities, surrounded by lots of greenery, "Aqua Paradise" is one of the largest projects on the Balkans, and the largest in area and number of attractions in Bulgaria! The facilities have the most modern type, ensuring security and reliability.

For more than 10 years Aquapark Nessebar is one of the most popular places to visit during the summer. Located near the largest resort on the southern coast, every summer the Aquapark attracts tourists of all ages and nationalities from Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Burgas, Eleni, Sveti Vlas, but also from more remote Sozopol, Kiten and Primorsko.

For us it is important all of our guests to have the opportunity to enjoy and to keep happy memories of their summer vacation. So we do not stop developing and adding new attractions and entertainment. Something more - some of them are one of a kind only in Aquapark Nessebar.

Estimates of our visitors who share personally or through TripAdvisor inspire and stimulate us. Today we have the confidence and the courage to compare with the most modern aqua parks in Europe.

Just with us, the fans of strong emotions can enjoy the most extreme water attractions in Bulgaria:
- the slides Kamikaze and Space Jam, each with a height of 22 meters
- a real Tsunami with a length of 13 meters
- Rafting river, after which the descent boat into a real river will be for you as child's play
- Rafting slide - the longest slide in Bulgaria (146 m)
- SURF Pool - the newest attraction since 2017, and the only one in Bulgaria

Do not miss and enjoy the others, no less exciting slides and facilities, including a Wave pool, Lazy river, Black hole and many more that will leave you breathless of laugh and emotions. For those of you who are always looking for something different and challenging, we have planned a swimming pool with two trampolines with a height up to 3.60 m., where you can feel like true Olympians. We have not forgotten our youngest guests, for whom we've created a true Children's water paradise: a fairy-tale castle and a children's swimming pool with a total of 6 slides, each of which will make the kids happy.

If you are already tired of the strong emotions, among the turns of Lazy river you will discover the sunken in greenery Paradise island. A place to relax where time stops its course. The comfortable tents and mattresses contribute to a sense of privacy. Water massage, Jacuzzi and refreshing cocktails on the Mediterranean Bar will complement the idea of true bliss.

If you ask 100 people which is their most favourite place in Nessebar Aqua park, one of the first set will be swimming pool "Butterfly." Huge in size, this is the centre of the joy. It is almost impossible to swim from one end to the other without stopping at the Water Bar. And not just to relax and cool off with a refreshing drink. You will be tempted to join the funniest games that take place on the stage of the Amphitheatre. At the basis of a true pirate ship our professional actors will engage you in adventures that you have not imagined. And we will only hint names of the daily show programs: Children's show; Western show; Pirate show; Hip-hop culture against Rock-culture show; Girls against boys show. We guarantee lots of laugh and fun, same as prizes for the winning team.


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We've taken care and for the need for recharging energy. At your disposal are 4 bars for various drinks and cocktails; fast food restaurants that offer a variety of salads, a la minutes, gyros, pizza, etc., and of course ice cream.

Aquapark Nessebar is an adventure from where you certainly will not get away dry. And thrill of the spent emotions will remain unforgettable memories for a crazy summer in Bulgaria!

For your safety and security cares our team composed of lifeguards, instructors, bartenders and waiters, information centre, medical centre.

For the safety and the convenience of the guests take care licensed lifeguards and a team of 300 people. Our aim is the guests to feel safe during their stay. The guests’ information is provided to Bulgarian, German, English and Russian language.

Safety rules
The following rules must be respected for the use of facilities:

  • The safeguards’ rules must be respected;

  • It is not recommended to people with identified mental/physical health problems, overweighed, complaints of neck pain, back and heart;

  • It is not recommended for use by pregnant women;

  • Under-age (up to 14 years old) and minors (under 18 years old) visitors of Nessebar Aqua Park must be accompanied by their parents, guardians, custodians or other adults that will take care for the child.

  • Children up to 1,30 m. can use the facilities marked with one * with attendant, same as all facilities in the Children's Paradise. 

  • It is prohibited to climb on slides;

  • The rules written on placards in the Aquapark and the safeguards’ instructions MUST be respected. Failure to do so may cause serious injury to you and other visitors. Failure to do so is at your own risk!

We expect our guests to respect the policy of Aquapark Nessebar.

  • For safety, the personal tourists’ luggage is checked at the entrance of the park. It is forbidden to entry with weapon, glass objects, input of food and beverages. An exception is made for baby foods.

  •  Please abide valuables in safe, before you enter the pool or to go down the slide.

  • The Aquapark is not responsible for lost or stolen items out of safes/lockets.

  • The Aquapark does not reimburse the cost of an already purchased ticket. Do not give compensation for rainy weather and climatic conditions.

  • Show programmes hours may be changed.

  • In Aquapark you can not pay in cash. Charge your watch with your requisite amount on our deposit cashiers.

  • For lost or damaged clock a fine of 20 levs has to be paid.

  • Available sunbeds and boats are at limited quantity.

  • All water attractions stop 30 minutes before closing time.

  • Smoking is allowed only in designated areas.

  • No pets are allowed on the territory of the Aquapark.

  • Do not drop your sight off your child; it is under your responsibility.

Included in the prices:
- Sunbeds and umbrellas on the territory of the park (until stocks);
- Showers, changing rooms and WC;
- Showers and WC for people with disabilities
- Medical centre for first aid;
- Parking (120 places);
- Free shuttle (details HERE)

Extra charged:
- Safes - 7 BGN; Deposit - 5 BGN returns after releasing the safe;
- Lockers - 5 BGN; Deposit - 5 BGN returns after releasing the locker;
- Body massage;
- Fish SPA;
- Souvenir shop - offers souvenirs, T-shirts, beach towels, swimsuits, sunscreens, ladies accessories, photos;
- Transportation from/to Pomorie - 5 BGN per person in round trip  (details HERE)

* All additional services are paid after entering Aquapark!